It is time for the USTA’s annual College Showcase for high school tennis players. The Showcase is a great opportunity explore the possibility of playing tennis in college.

Last year over forty coaches and 140 players attended the showcase. The coaches had tables with information and were available for questions from students and parents. Everyone has the opportunity to play tennis while the coaches watch.

All this will take place at William & Mary on November 19, 2011. The deadline to register is November 11, 2011. For more information and to register click on the link below:

Mid-Atlantic Tennis Showcase

This is best for Juniors & Seniors, but Freshman and Sophomores are also welcome.

For the upcoming 2011-2012 a new law enacted by the State of Virginia will require all high school student athletes and their parents to complete concussion education prior to trying out for a team.

Virginia Code 22.1-271.5 requires all student-athletes and a parent complete an annual concussion education program. It is up to each school district to develop a program, implement it, and track each student-athlete’s and parent’s participation.

The Fairfax County Public Schools Athletic Training Program has devised an online presentation that will fulfill this requirement for the county’s 25 high schools and 20,000+ athletes. This presentation can be found at

Each student-athlete and their parent/guardian must complete this program before the first day of practice or try-outs. It is not necessary to view the presentation multiple times if a student-athlete participates in multiple seasons and parents/guardians need to complete the program only once for all of the children in their household.

Parents may also visit the Center for Disease Control’s website for more information and handouts regarding concussions at You may also receive more information by contacting your school’s certified athletic trainer.

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Just saw this little gem on one of the websites that I check out regularly, Essential Tennis.

Ian the host of the Essential Tennis podcast has a video of a good basic medicine ball workout. The three basic medicine ball exercises shown will help with the groundstrokes, volley, and the overhead/serve.

Came across this article this morning and thought it was pretty good. Focuses on the boys side of the equation, but the same story holds true on the girls side of junior tennis in Fairfax and Northern Virginia.

Fairfax County emerging as hotbed for youth tennis, Fairfax Times


Shank You Very Much for coming out to brave the cold and play last night at Burke Racket Club.

In the end the team lost to the BRSC Bazookas by a score of 28-14. That score masks the good play by everyone.

Katie and Jack both won their singles match in third set tiebreakers. Despite being stretched to a third set, both Jack and Katie were dictating play throughout their matches.

Next up was doubles. Annie and Claire played fantastic despite not winning the match. Annie played very solid tennis throughout the match. Claire showed off her new slice serve and aggressive groundstrokes.

A last minute illness prevented David from joining Jack for boys doubles so we had to default the match. All was not lost though as Adam (playing for the Bazookas) teamed up with Jack to play against two other Bazooka boys.

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Thanksgiving and warm weather is now behind us. What is heating up is the action on the tennis court for the USTA Junior Team Tennis.

It is great to see players coming early and staying later to cheer on the fellow members of their team! That matches have been very entertaining.

Shank You Very Much

Participation has been great with everyone on the team getting an opportunity to play, almost everyone has played at least twice. Everyone has also had a chance to play with several different partners for doubles, which is a great experience.

Next up is the fourth place BRSC Bazookas who have played consistently so far this season. The “Shanks” will be playing this next match on the Bazookas home court.

Served You Right

The all-boys have a smaller league to play in with only four teams. Despite the size of the league, everyone is getting a chance to play.

On Saturday the “SYR” will face the Bulldogs again. In the previous match up, SYR fell short by a score of 30-12.

SYR will be playing their next three matches at “home,” the Country Club of Fairfax.

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Lady Cavs take to the court to show their stuff.

On Saturday four tennis playing WT Woodson students ventured south to Williamsburg, participating in the USTA’s MidAtlantic College Showcase, sponsored by William & Mary at the McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center.

Juniors Katie Clark and Evelyn Wells joined forces playing doubles for about 45 minutes. Later freshman Emily Cox joined them on court for some more doubles.

Afterwards they were able to meet and speak with coaches from over 35 different colleges and universities, representing Divisions I, II, and III.

Later in the afternoon they cleared the courts of underclassman and gave high school seniors the opportunity to show their stuff. Senior Vicki Tran was able to play both doubles and singles – winning all of her matches, while coaches from several different colleges looked on.

All the players were able to meet with coaches to learn more about their schools and individual tennis programs. The coaches also provided insight on what they are looking for in a potential recruit.

I do want to thank several specific coaches for the time they spent Lady Cavs and their willingness to take some extra time to explain the process and what it is like to play tennis in college. So here is your shout-out:

  • Jenny Nuttycombe & Joey Sutphin - Christopher Newport University
  • Andy Knox – Dickinson College
  • Ann Koger – Havarford College
  • Scott Thielke - Kenyon College
  • Keith Puryear – US Naval Academy
  • Wayne Vaughn of Randoph-Macon
  • Adam Kent – Rhodes College
  • Lastly, Bonnie Vona of the MidAtlantic USTA deserves a big thank you for putting together a great event!

    The event now in it’s third year is a chance for high school tennis players who might not be highly ranked nationally, but strong players at the state and regional level to be seen by college coaches.

    Just Updated:

    • There is now a deadline for registration, 11/10/10 at midnight.
    • Participants will earn 40 bonus points to one of the USTA Mid-Atlantic player’s most recent top 5 tournaments in 1 age division.
    • Additional schools have been added

    Below is an updated and complete list of schools and coaches attending the Mid-Atlantic Showcase being hosted at William & Mary.

    A Showcase is hosted at a single location with many different coaches on hand to view the participating players. These will typically only happen once a year and in a single location with in a USTA section. We live in the Mid Atlantic section, and our showcase will happen on November 20 at William & Mary College.

    Click here for more information on the Mid Atlantic College Showcase

    I have included links to the schools and links to the tennis team websites for both Men and Women. Some schools are women only.

    Attending Coaches:

    Below are the Colleges and Universities that are participating in the Mid-Atlantic Tennis Showcase at William & Mary.

    I have included links to the schools and links to the tennis team websites for both Men and Women. Some schools are women only.

    Attending Coaches:

    Hey there!

    It was great seeing a lot of members of last year’s boys and girls tennis team at Woodson’s Hey Day. It was also nice to meet some of you who are new to the school or interested in trying out this spring for our tennis teams.

    If you or your parents have any questions, please feel free to leave them here by commenting on this or any other posting on the site.

    Unfortunately neither the boys or girls have a freshman or junior varsity team. Typically there are only ten days from the first day of try-outs to our first match. What this all means is that it is very difficult to make the boy’s or girl’s teams without any prior tennis experience.

    There are plenty of opportunities in this area for playing tennis during the fall and winter to help you prepare for the high school tennis season. There are many tennis clubs that offer clinics and private lessons, most are just starting their classes now.

    While many clubs require membership to play tennis, they do allow non-members to take clinics and private lessons.

    Another great thing is to participate in USTA Junior Team Tennis, teams are forming now. Please contact me if your son or daughter is interested in playing.

    The USTA season will go from mid-October to the end of January. Most teams are co-ed, but there are also some boy-only teams because there is are more boys interested in playing. We currently have about a dozen players from Woodson who are interested in playing.

    Our teams will compete in the 18 advanced division. This division has consistently good tennis players from many local high schools. The matches help you get important match-play and team experience.

    Click here for more information about the USTA Junior Team Tennis

    As always if you have a question just leave it here as a comment and I will be happy to respond.